How it works

All parties involved will increase their time and cost savings using ZEDAL for notifications.

ZEDAL is an easy to use, four-step tool to take the hassle out of creating, signing, sending, tracking and filing your waste notifications.

Step 1

Create a new notification or capture an old one

  • no need to buy paper based forms
  • use master data to quickly fill out the form
  • all required codes are available in a variety of languages
  • immediate check routines to prevent errors
  • print, fax or e-mail in different languages, or send as signed xml-document in e-tfs structure to other applications

Step 2

Assign individual means of communication and language for each party involved and generate templates for waste movement documents

  • notification data is automatically copied to the template
  • user rights’ management for template use is available
  • communication partners table is used for all activities on this notification

Step 3

Use the template for movement announcements in a matter of seconds

  • single or serial functions to sign, send, print and save
  • send the movement document to every party involved with just one click

Step 4

Real-time document tracking

  • receive and send the confirmations of receipt and disposal and recovery electronically
  • waste amount and number of transports tracked per notification