ZEDAL International

Web application for transfrontier shipment of waste

ZEDAL provides the necessary forms and mechanisms. The forms can easily be completed, saved and archived on the screen using master data support and validation.

Forms can then be used in subsequent procedures:

  • as a paper printout
  • by fax
  • by email
  • electronically in eTFS* data exchange format with or without qualified electronic signatures.

The mechanism for communication allows the user to work with a mix of all communication channels, through which every shipping procedure is logged as dispatch entry with status, irrespective of the route it takes.

* The eTFS format is used in the transfrontier shipment of waste project conducted by ZEDAL AG in collaboration with Niedersächsische Gesellschaft zur Endablagerung von Sonderabfall mbH [German Association for Final Deposition of Special Waste] and the Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu [Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment] in the Netherlands. eTFS is based on the interface described in the EUDIN project, which has been extended to include a layering technique and the digital signature. Alongside the above-mentioned project partners, the IKA [Office for the Coordination of Waste Information] in Germany was involved in the adaptation. LAG GADSYS [Joint Waste IT Systems of the Federal States] has extended the German administrative procedure and the consignment note used in transfrontier shipment of waste on the basis of eTFS.